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Have your film reviewed by one of our setters here at Ace Athelte!  With this purchase we will review your uploaded film and provide personalized feedback based on what our athletes see in your game.


When you purchase your film review you will receive a download link for a pdf with the instruction on how to upload your film.  The pdf is completely safe to download and it will also include an email where you can send any questions you have.


The film that you send us should be a max of 30 minutes long.  Once it has been received we will double check your order and then it will be turned over to our players to be reviewed.  The response time of your feedback will vary depending on what point in the season it is for our players.

Setter Film Review

  • All film reviews here at Ace Athlete are provided by NCAA division 1 volleyball players.  They are designed as a way for us to share our skills with you, the next generation of volleyball players.  The only thing we ask is that you dont' take our spots too fast!!

  • If you encounter any issues please reach out through the contact page of our website.

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