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Film Review

All of our film reviews are done by our division 1 men's volleyball players here at Ace Athlete.  The film reviews are grouped by position to make it easier for us to get the best player to watch you.  Not to worry though, we will still look at all parts of your game.

When you purchase your film review you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to send us your film.

You Do Not Need a Monthly Subscription to Purchase a Film Review

What Should Your Film Look Like?

Your film can be anything you would like to send us.  This includes game film, practice film, open gym, one on one reps, or anything else that you can think of!  There are only two requirements that we have for your film.


1) We are able to differentiate you from the other players on the court (if there are any). This could be your jersey number, practice number, a bright green shirt that you are wearing, etc...  We ask that you make the difference obvious so that we are able to tell you apart and focus on your game (The more descriptive factors the better!).


2) The video is no longer than 30 minutes.  You are welcome to submit 5 minutes of you hitting, 10 minutes of open gym, 30 minutes of game film, or anything in between.

How to Upload Your Film

Uploading your film is very simple.  Once you purchase your film review you will take the order ID number you are given and click the link below which will take you to a google form to upload your video.  In the form you will be able to fill out your name, order ID, how we can recognize you in the film, what you would like us to focus on, and the email you would like us to send your video to.  

If you received a film review already we will try to match you up with that player again!

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